Cade is three, you guys. THREE. I have been a mom for THREE YEARS and everyone is still alive-even my husband! I wanted to deviate from my usual posts just to give a shout out to my little man.


Two was a rough year for us. I know the coined term on parenting sites is “threenager” but for us (so far) the last month or so and into this first month of three has been a vast improvement over the previous year. Not that there weren’t many blessings and cuteness and heart over flowing moments! Just that there seemed to be at least an equal number of end of the rope, frustrated, self doubting, I HAVE KNOW IDEA WHAT I’M DOING moments.

His cognitive abilities seemed to expand way faster than his emotional control so he processed faster than he could communicate and experienced faster than he could learn to deal. The mismatch resulted in tantrums and meltdowns for both him AND me, ha. But the joy came in watching him overcome and grow. In watching the lightbulb moments. In seeing the repetitive endless work of parenting suddenly come back at me in it’s correct form. And in watching his exuberant personality blossom before my eyes.

He is my craft man. We do crafts multiple times a day. The more glue and glitter-the better. And paint. And sticky tape. And googly eyes. We bedazzle, snip, tear, paste, glob, smear, and sprinkle our way through the day. The dining area is littered with bits of frazzled pipe cleaners and abandoned paper shreds, and everything is coated in glitter (including my computer, sigh, lol). He hasn’t lost his love for being outdoors, but now we spend equal amounts of time drawing with sidewalk chalk as we do digging holes and gardening.

Speaking of drawing, he loves learning-especially letters. I’ve been casually doing a “letter a week” (mostly to keep myself on track and to give me inspiration for that week’s crafts) and we are finishing up the letter D. He draws H’s, t’s, C’s, A’s, E’s, F’s, and occasionally a D. Oh, and O’s, because they’re just circles, haha. On car trips he excitedly yells out letters that he spots on signs and sometimes numbers. His favorite number is “5” and he can do some addition and subtraction counting on his fingers (up to 10. He can count past 10 in order, but adding and subtraction that high is a bit much, understandably). He just views everything as a big game, and we plan on keeping it that way, no need to rush things. đŸ™‚

He LOVES people, but is easily overwhelmed. He’s an intense little man, and tends to gravitate towards older kids or adults. But when he plays with you he wants to be fully engaged, and if too much is going on he gets upset. He has been doing so much better with other children since putting him in PWOC and Church Daycare twice a week for a few hours at a time, and he genuinely enjoys playing with other children now. He asks for “friends” everywhere we go, it’s super sweet.

He and Zane have become inseparable. Even when they are annoying each other they HAVE to be right next to each other. I don’t understand the code of brotherhood, but I love watching them figure it out. One minute they’ll be grr-ing and screeching and the next minute both will be belly laughing. The same thing that annoys them one second sends them into uncontrollable giggles the next. I have no way of predicting which way the moods will blow in the house, but whichever way it’ll be BOTH of them together. Cade is often super sweet with Zane, very concerned about his booboo’s (which Zane collects), and loving to “feed” Zane whatever he can. I love watching him ask Zane to help or ask him, “Do you want to play with me Zanebug?” He informs me of ALL of Zane’s actions, the good and the bad, and keeps me posted on how Zane is feeling as well, “Zane is crying because of his booboo mommy.” “Zane is grumpy because he wants more kiwi.” “Zane wants to go outside, too.” “Zane WANTS to share with me, mommy!” ….this last one is usually suspect, lol.


I love the conversations, the random little boy insights, the theatrics, the eager demands for hugs and kisses. He is such a blessing in my life! I am in awe that he is already three, and looking forward to the next year of growth and adventures. <3

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