Day 3

Tonight wraps up Day 3 of Hammer and Chisel so I’m going to give a brief “first impression” of the program. The workouts are killer. They are weight workouts, so some moves I am not used to doing although I can-and have-successfully navigated the machines of the traditional gym in the past. Most of it is just really hard. Which is awesome. It is pushing limits for me, and I am relishing that top to bottom achy soreness that comes with changing up an exercise routine.

The guy, Sagi, is everything I have ever wanted from a traditional gym trainer. He even has an accent. So between the crazy body builder physique, the sometimes mixed up metaphors, the angry partially frightening encouragement in the form of yelling-it’s great. He gives me the impression that he really knows his stuff, but leading a class is not entirely inside his comfort zone. I loved it. If that isn’t for you, the workout more than makes up for whatever issue you have with his teaching style. It’s really tough, but not “if you attempt this you will be injured” tough. I’ve had to modify a bunch in both his and Autumn’s workouts, and I am still toast by the end of them.

Autumn’s workouts leave me equally sore, but they are slightly different from Sagi’s. They’ve broken up the workout so that she is “The Chisel” and Sagi is “The Hammer” and its as good a description as I can come up with on how their workouts differ. Her’s seem to focus on that extended stamina build up in muscles and the toning, whereas Sagi’s is more power/strength oriented. Her teaching style isn’t bad, and she doesn’t sling around TOO many cliches and platitudes so I don’t end up wanting to throttle her by the end of the workout.

The nutrition is basically 21 Day Fix (Autumn’s nutritional program) complete with the color coded containers. I have been intrigued by this program for almost a year now and was SO excited when I found out it was part of H&C. The other programs I’ve done (p90x3, CIZE, PiYo) have nutrition guides, too, but nothing as easy for me to follow as Autumn’s. It is somewhat reinventing the wheel, because she essentially takes the recommended calories for your gender and size (taking into account whether you are looking at losing weight, maintaining, or building muscle) and then providing a simple guide to how many portions of which food group you should be eating. What makes it so cool, though, is those containers. They’re color coded and different sizes and show you what a “serving size” looks like. To make sure I’m getting enough veggies in my afternoon salad, I just stuff the kale and spinach into my green container until it is full and then dump it into my bowl. Voila! A serving of vegetables. It’s easy to say, “You should get x amount of servings of fruit a day” but it is really hard to know what that actually LOOKS like in real life. How big is a serving of carbs compared to a serving of protein? How much does a serving of “healthy fats” really mean? I have been amazed that the seemingly minuscule “seeds and salad dressings” container easily holds enough to provide flavor to every leaf of my 2 veggie servings of salad. It also makes it really easy to track, which means for the first time in my adult life I am probably actually getting enough protein in my diet.

This meal planning has completely taken away the stress of mealtime. I decided the boys were just going to live off of their favorites for the next 60 days so I make food I know they’ll eat with every meal. They are always welcome to try what I am eating, but I don’t stress about finding a dinner that “everyone will like”. I’m cooking for me. Zane will try almost anything, Cade has tried more then I thought he would, but everyone ends up with a full belly by the end of the meal.

Getting healthy doesn’t happen by accident, there has to be intention behind it. It can be little changes, it can be a complete lifestyle overhaul, but it won’t happen by itself. ….so yeah, you should try it sometime. 😉

Second Christmas

So this week gearing up for Hammer and Chisel has been busy and nervewracking. You know, that antsy, fidgety, anticipatory energy like right before giving a speech on something you’re passionate about or running a race or anything you are kindof dreading and excited about all at the same time? That’s how I feel. It’s almost like being a kid at Christmas and being so excited your stomach starts hurting and you begin to imagine all sorts of disasters that might happen to ruin Christmas and by the time Christmas morning arrives- screw presents, you’re utterly exhausted with relief that the cat didn’t become demon possesed and eat Santa Claus.

Tomorrow is my second Christmas morning.

In preparation this week I have created an instagram account to track my progress on here. Come follow me! I have pinterest recipe scoured, meal planned, grocery shopped, food prepped, ToDo list checked, and weekly scheduled in anticipation of the next 60 days.

One thing I thought was important was having some way of tracking progress. Before and After photos are typical- and I took them.


Personally, I’m looking for a little more toe gap. How ever will I fit into sandals come summer?!

On top of that, I did a mini “strength test” because for me, honestly, the joy of exercise is not in my appearance but in my capability. So I did a plank, and just barely managed to hold it for 2 minutes. And a wall sit-also struggled to hit that 2 minute mark. And then I attempted pullups (you can see the video on my instagram account… *hint hint* FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM). I managed two and a quarter pull ups. All together, guys, that’s pretty lame. I mean, much better than a few months ago where I couldn’t even do ONE pull up, but still a far cry from where I want to be.

I’m gonna be a beast at the end of this, able to “fly” my 2.5 year old like an airplane for hours, muscle my squirming 15mo old down for a diaper change (a complete body workout) without fail, and double carry the boys 60lbs combined wiggly weight the quarter mile to and from the park without breaking a sweat. I’ll be able to pry them off of the playground one handed, play “ribbet frog” down the hallway until THEY call it quits, and still have enough energy to run and catch them when I say it’s nap time.

It’s going to be epic.

It isn’t to late (it is never too late) to join in the fun! Whether it’s a weight program like H&C, a nutrition plan, yoga, just trying to quit soda-everybody has to start somewhere with living healthier. And now is a GREAT time to start-New Year and all that. Don’t struggle by yourself, come over to the health nut dark side! We have communities of likeminded weirdos in various stages of learning to live healthy, it’s totally cool! Seriously though, let me know what I can do to help you meet your goals, I can’t emphasize enough how important support is for success. 🙂


Snooking Up Hoflakes

^^^ I meant to say, “Hooking up snowflakes” but my tired brain turned our kid friendly conversation PG13. Decorating with toddlers is not for the faint of heart…

This extended visit with family has been nuts, y’all. I cherish the healthy, happy relationships I have with my family and in-laws, and family is a priority for me-I want the boys to know their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. This is tough being military since we’ve been in for 7 years and lived in 4 different states already. Holidays are especially frustrating for me because I wrestle with seasonal depression every winter-so annoying. So I knew this trip was going to be rough. I knew it was also something I needed to do.

Oh man. I brought my bag of ShakeO-which with it’s full compliment of B vitamins (include happy lovin’ B12) has been helping to keep me just above emotional exhaustion. And it tastes better than the pill supplements I usually take this time of year, ha. Grandparents have been awesome-spotting me naps here and there, providing an outlet for the boys’ need to hug/tackle people, and generally giving me a break. I miss Brian-it’s like a mini deployment, boo. I have NOT been able to exercise regularly. 🙁 A number of things have contributed to that, but it’s a bummer all the way around.

I’ve come to the realization that I am now REALLY sensitive to sugar and caffeine. I went in knowing I was going to bend my typical diet (diet as in “foods I usually consume” not diet as in “weird list of restrictions/rules pertaining to eating” ) because it’s the holidays and I was not going to stress about it. So I didn’t stress. I had coffee and oreos and ice cream whenever I felt like it (read:daily). After a few days I couldn’t drag myself out of bed and I had a perpetual headache drugs didn’t touch. So no more of that. Or at least, far, far less, haha. I still like the above foods, but whoa, not enough to deal with feeling pummeled by a dump truck. I’m feeling much better now, and I am still indulging in sweet tea which is enough caffeine and sugar for me. Is there such a thing as a sugar hang over? Also, I just can’t do fastfood. Instant gross. Not only does it taste gross, it feels gross. Bleeeeeeaaarrggh. I don’t miss it.

Big perks though-I still cook dinner most nights, and I don’t have ANY leftovers because my parents eat it. 😀 I LOVE having my food EATEN. I can cook meals that I like-regardless of whether the boys will eat it or not-and I know I won’t have to eat leftovers for the next four days! And, on that note, I really like home cooked meals better than eating out. Don’t get me wrong, there are nights when I want to eat out just because I really don’t feel like cooking, but I used to like eating out for the sake of the food. Now I eat out for the sake of not cooking-my mom and I can make better tasting food at the house.

That’s my update for now. I’m getting really excited about the Hammer and Chisel program Brian and I are doing together starting January 4th-oh how nice it will be to exercise faithfully again! There’s still time to join us if you’re looking for a way to get healthier in 2016. And if not that program, there are many, many other options. I know people now, lol.

But seriously, maybe think about a few wellness goals for the new year?

We Interrupt Your Scheduled Program…

Sundays are my rest days. I don’t exercise, I don’t cook much-it’s pancakes for dinner, and I generally relax, recoup, and spend time with my family. We’ve been trying different churches here in El Paso in the mornings, and I’m going to attempt another OCF meeting tonight. I’m mentioning this because it’s something I haven’t yet talked about on here but that is inextricable from healthy living. Not just rest, but wholeness. I focus a lot on physical health on this blog, but emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health are equally as important, and in my opinion Spiritual wellness trumps all the others. So today’s blog isn’t about food relationships (we’ll get back to that tomorrow) it’s gonna be a bit rambling and not quite as organized, but I need to throw it out there. Much like I was nervous about posting that I am a Beachbody coach and I’m enjoying their trademark drink Shakeology, I need to make it clear to any readers that I am a Christian and my faith is a driving force behind what I do. I can’t separate it out. Exercise, for me, is also a worship experience. Loving my body is directly inline with loving the God who created it for me.

I’m ADHD (see, told you this post would be scattered) and the hardest thing for me to do is shut down my brain. As a child I remembered trying a watch under my pillow (I ended up counting the ticks and was in the 3000’s before I finally chucked it across the room), praying, reading, shadow puppets, ANYTHING to get my brain to SHUT UP. I’d stay awake well over an hour past bedtime listening to my little sister snore away and I’d get increasingly frustrated that I couldn’t fall asleep. I finally figured out what worked best-absolutely zero light, going to bed about an hour before I wanted to fall asleep, and creating an elaborate story in my mind that I would replay, rearrange, and continue scenes of in my head every night. I began to look forward to bedtime just so I could work on my mind story. Now, I still have a hard time falling asleep, but the mind numbing exhaustion that comes with having children helps a lot and I can fall asleep in under half an hour most nights.

But when I exercise-my mind relaxes. It is the most addicting part of exercise for me. For 30 minutes a day I focus singly on exercising my body, so-since that paradoxically takes up all my focus and allows me to UNfocus-I get 30 minutes of relaxation while doing squats, and planks, and whatever. Running is the best. Sometimes when I’m running I can almost think of nothing. Just the typical sensory input of the where I am running, what it looks like, how my feet feel, etc. etc. So while I’m exercising, I often pray. Not generally articulate words-although sometimes I do when I’m running-but more of just a constant dialogue of gratitude and amazement for the strength in my muscles and the feel of a stretch and the wonders of a warm and loving home with beautiful children who are active and healthy and just, thanks. Over and over again thanks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have grumpy workouts, too. But workouts where I start grumpy and END grumpy are very, very, seldom. I am struck anew again and again by how complex the human body is, and am re-fascinated by how everything works to give me motion and balance and strength, how everything feels-from the pounding of my heart to the mat squished beneath my toes to the flush I feel creep up my skin as my body temp rises. Exercise for me is sensual, and things sensual for me are always spiritual. Many people really appreciate music, they feel it body and soul. I feel body and soul when I exercise. My God, My God, how You have created me!

This is why the scale has no power over me (I quite honestly don’t know where ours is currently, haha). I like progress, sure, but who I am and my self-worth is not based on my appearance or weight. I want to be healthy, to feed my body the food it needs, to build my muscles, to keep my skeletal system strong, to fortify my immune system, to be kind to my digestive system, to essentially care for this earthly body that was given into my care. It all circles back to that. And I experience such joy in this. There are days where I don’t want to, there are days where it is hard to turn the TV on and start warming up. I have two small boys who are nonstop from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep again. I. Am. Tired. But the discipline of an exercise program is part and parcel of where I find my joy. I suck at the “typical” daily devotionals- I usually read theology books in chunks and then digest them over a week or two-but if I exercise I get that chance to pray, and doing it faithfully is, for me, a tiny way to faithfully worship Christ.

SO there you have it, my drive and motivation for staying healthy is one of complete wellness, not for a number on a scale or a certain dress size. I am not trying to say all Christians should worship when they sweat (Here I am to workout, Here I am to burpee, Here I am to pushup for you’re my God…) or that every time I sweat I am having a stellar communique with the divine. But this IS the biggest single motivation/reward/drive for why I strive to lead a healthy lifestyle. Until I get my heavenly body, I will do my best to treasure the earthly one.

Just thought you should know. 🙂

Keep Your Pushups, VS

Me: “It won’t take long, I know what I want and the size. I’ll find it, try it on, and we can go.” I tell my husband as he cajoles with our two year old to not touch any of the lacy displays. I hoist our other toddler up higher on my hip and grimly plunge deeper into the store. Past the perfumes, turn left into the next section, ahhh, here they are. I mutter as I look through the bins, “I don’t even know if they’ll have my size.” A nicely endowed employee cheerfully offers me help and finds me a different variety. “No, not pink.” I shake my head. Armed with two I ask where the dressing rooms are. “Oh! Ready to try them on?” “Yes.” I state firmly, I just want this over with.

My two year old comes with me, explaining to the employee how, “Mommy is going to be fixed and ALL better.” Bless him, he makes me smile. My little helper is on a “fix it” kick since daddy has been messing with the cars. Cade is all chatters in the dressing room, and heartily disappointed when I tell him he can’t wear one. “Oh. I too little.” He says with a dejected sigh, startling a laugh out of me. Feeling a little more cheerful since they fit perfectly, I pick the one I like best and my chatterbox and I leave the room. My husband is trying to keep Zane from opening all the sliding drawers and rifling through the goods as I walk out of the fitting room section. An attempt at standing in line is hastily aborted and I take the kids to ride the escalators while Brian pays.

I hate shopping, but bra shopping is the worst. It’s the worst because my biggest body hang up since high school has been my breasts, pounded into me by every billboard, advertisement, movie star, magazine- to be a pretty woman you need boobs. It’s why the “Real woman have curves” campaign leaves me a little queasy. Hey, guys, I know I’m skinny. Does that really mean I’m not a woman? I finally became comfortable with my chest because they graduated to a modest B, and I AM skinny, so a B was enough. Then I became pregnant and oh man, never have I felt more gloriously curvy. It was fantastic. I had cleavage! O.M.G. I HAD CLEAVAGE. I breastfed both my boys, after Cade my breasts stayed about the same, but after Zane they shrank. And kept shrinking. And I realized that when my husband was doing ridiculous amounts of pushups in prep for a PT test that he could probably fill out my bra better than I could. I stopped wearing bras and hid in cami’s and yoga shirts. Easy and comfortable, nothing wrong there.

My boys are totally worth it, because who I am doesn’t rest on my cup size- I told myself this daily. My husband still thinks I’m the hottest thing out there-and he also adores the me that just happens to reside in this body. I rested in the knowledge that God created me in this perfectly imperfect body and my job was to love and honor it. And you know what? I do love my body, I am proud of the muscle definition in my triceps from all those PiYo pushups, and the strength in my shoulders that allows me to double carry  my 25+lb boys half a mile home from the park without rest.

But as I stepped into the store, I was gritting my teeth. I imagined judgment and pity were there probably wasn’t any. Clearly, I’ve still got a bit of work to do loving what is left of my chest. The point is-a lot of that is our culture. Body shaming goes both ways. We shame the obese. And we shame the skinny. The most common description I hear tagged with skinny is bitch. You can’t, apparently, be skinny and a happy, wholesome person. Not only that, but people look down on you if you exercise and eat healthy-either you’re just an arrogant snob trying to be better than everyone else or there is something psychologically wrong with you. I am not allowed to tell people that I believe exercise is an important priority or that I enjoy eating fruit as a snack without either having an eating disorder or being somehow false. People would rather believe that I am only pretending to enjoy eating well and staying fit; because everyone knows the dream is everything fatty, sugary, and sedentary so really I must be secretly miserable.

I hate all of that. I don’t think I’m a bitch. I try really hard not to be. I don’t think everyone should be a size 0 either or even a size 6. I’d love to have some curves-but I don’t have much and they aren’t going to appear without surgery (which isn’t happening). I do enjoy staying fit. Even on those days were I struggle to put in my 30 minutes of exercise I NEVER regret doing it. Ever. And though the tedium of dishes and the stress of trying to feed picky toddlers makes me want to order take out at least twice a week, I do feel a difference eating clean, and I AM proud that my toddler boys eat well.

So stop, stop with the shaming. The more we try and define femininity solely on body type, the more we buy in to our existence as solely sex partners. Which is crap on so many levels. And seriously, guys, you should step up to the plate on this because you are more than a penis with legs. It does neither gender any favors. I know strong, intelligent, beautiful, resilient women of many shapes and sizes, and I know strong, handsome, intelligent, compassionate men who are not wasting away in need of sexual release, or stimuli, or a slave to their libido or what. ever.

I am a real woman who is as flat as a board and not a bitch, thank you very much. And I’ll munch on my homemade hummus and carrots after I kick some serious p90x3 butt.

Comfort Food

So this may be a bit of a paradox, but even though I love to be healthy, I also really love comfort food. And, honestly, I see nothing wrong with it. I don’t make comfort food all the time, but heck yes I still make it. And eat it. And enjoy it guilt free! Now, I’m not about to try and sell you on a chia seed avocado kale wrapped substitute, because let’s face it, that is NOT what most people think of when they think “Comfort Food” and I don’t like deception. Comfort food for me is starch (potato/pasta/rice) and LOTS of cheese. I mean, cheesy overload cheese, three or more different varieties in one recipe type cheese. GIVE ME CHEESE.


Tonight I felt comfort food-ish. I end up making comfort food type stuff maybe once a month- in fact, there is a good chance it is hormone related, haha- and tonight’s recipe was a whopper. Four layers of cheesy potatoes topped with chicken seared in bacon grease covered in more cheese sauce, sprinkled with bacon, and melty cheese on top.


De-licious! And although not the most nutritious of meals, it was actually pretty “clean”. I didn’t use condensed cheddar soup-I made my own from scratch (which is stupid easy, I don’t know why I thought making things from scratch necessarily meant “really hard to do” but usually that is NOT the case.) And my bacon is sodium nitrate free. And my cheese is natamycin and coloring free. So, clean (ish, some people don’t do dairy), but probably not super healthy. The chicken was melt in your mouth. I have no regrets.

Ok, one regret. We eat pretty well most of the time (we meaning: me and the boys, Brian is on his own) so that means fruits and veggies and plain greek yogurt and homemade bread (for the boys, I actually don’t eat it much anymore) and chicken and beans and oatmeal with coconut sugar and mostly nutritionally balanced stuff. BUT their diet is by no means 100% clean since whenever we go through a drive thru for Brian’s frappe Cade demands fries or a hashbrown. Zane likes them, too. Whatever, I’m not a nutrition Nazi, it doesn’t bother me. I count that as their “10-20%” depending on how often we are out running errands. But it DOES mean I thought tonight’s meal would be a success because-potatoes. Right? RIGHT?


I made a side of steamed broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower since extra cheese can mean constipation if I don’t get enough fiber in them as well. I was smart, and left the bowl of veggies on the counter while I served the main dish, because my boys view that particular veggie combination as dessert. My kids are so weird. Sure enough, both had a few bites of the meal, Cade even told me the potatoes where, “nummy nummy Mommy!” and I got three bites of chicken into Zane before he started spitting everything out and refusing to eat (can we say teeethiiinngg). As soon as I brought the veggies out Zane practically tipped over his chair trying to reach the carrots and Cade promptly told me he was, “All done with that!” pointing at his barely eaten bunch of potatoes and chicken to gobble up the broccoli like it was going out of style. I mean really. It’s COMFORT FOOD. There is BACON. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

Now I’m stuck with ten pounds of cheesy goodness that only I will eat. Since cleaning up my diet I simply can’t eat the same amount of comfort food I used to (it does not do my digestive system any, ah, favors…) Sure, sure, my kids will devour grease drenched french fries, but cheese and bacon covered potatoes come a distant second to plain, steamed vegetables. I give up.

The only “normal” reaction they have to vegetables is cauliflower. Neither one likes it. I don’t really, either, but I eat it to get my veggies in and to set a good example I suppose. So here’s the face of my youngest trying cauliflower.


Workout Buddy Fail

Brian and I don’t really get the chance to run together much anymore (my dream of ultra marathoning again are going to be on hold until the kids are a bit older) and I miss that time together. So when one of the teams I’m in announced an up coming “Couples Retreat” type Challenge in the New Year I was super excited. Workouts for both to complete, meal planning (although Brian would opt out of that I’m sure) and maybe marriage type questions/surveys/flash challenge thingies-“Enrichment Activities” whatever that may mean, haha. Sounds so great! Quality time spent getting fit with my hubby again WOO!

Tonight I got him to join me for my scheduled daily workout-p90x3 Warrior.

Oh man. I’d forgotten how hard it is to actually workout with that man. Not because I’m body conscious around him or embarrassed or anything (seven years of marriage, we are waaayy past holding farts in each other’s presence) but because he makes comments throughout that usually result in either me laughing too hard to continue the exercise or in me trying to smack him. At one point he was squat hopping to avoid the ceiling fan like a cross between Quasimodo and Sméagol- we completely missed the last 30 seconds of whatever it was we were supposed to be doing. It was a total workout buddy fail. I mean, we got a workout in, my heart rate was up, I hit muscle failure a few times–but I also took more pauses so I could make my own snide remarks and I don’t think I’ll be at all sore from it.

It was great.

So yeah, I think we’ll sign up for “Hammer and Chisel” coming in January. My fitness may not improve all that much, but quality time with Brian like that is priceless. 🙂

Anyone is welcome to join! Let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in, I’ll try to keep a steady stream of blog posts during it so you at least can laugh at our only ever attempt at a “relationship building” endeavor, but misery loves compa… er… I mean… the more the merrier! 😛

***Conversation at the start of the workout***

Me: Are you really going to workout in your underwear?

Brian: They are longer than my running shorts.

Me: …

^^^True story, they really are longer.^^^


Sooooo one handy dandy thing that I did not take into consideration when preparing myself (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually) for the move to El Paso was the elevation change. I mean, I was aware that there would be a considerable elevation change-Fort Rucker sits at about 365ft, El Paso sits at about 3,800ft (above sea level) but I wasn’t really thinking about it until Brian went for a run/hike this morning in the mountains and talked about having more difficulty than usual breathing. The workouts I had done up until now were either PiYo or Isometrix (balance poses) so I hadn’t attempted any flat out cardio yet. I attributed my lack of strength to simply not having worked out at all for a week. But then today I tried “The Accelerator” p90x3 workout and whoa. Just, whoa.

At one point I had to stop and turn the volume up because I couldn’t hear what was being said over top of my breathing. Yikes.

So, we aren’t in any stupid high “going to cause elevation sickness” range, but it’s enough of a jump to have a considerable impact on my stamina. Maybe some of my muscle failure on moves I previously had finally built up some endurance on -aka, pushups- is in part due to my body acclimatizing. I was actually doing pushups on my toes almost every time they were required in the PiYo workouts. Now I’m back to collapsing in a puddle after one. Sigh.

That’s what I’m going to blame it on anyway. 😉

Moment of Truth

Last night was the moment of truth. We were going to Brian’s Aviation Ball- I had to get dressed. I’ve been cleaning up my diet since February, started and stopped running for a few months before finally being consistent in July-August. Switched from running to PiYo in September, started p90x3 on Monday, and I’ve been drinking ShakeO for a little over a month. Now, I had to fit into a dress I hadn’t worn since college. A form fitting, sleek and satiny affair. Simple-which meant no frills, ruffles, shirring, tucks, or pleats to hide behind.

It zipped!

I would be lying if I said it fit me just the same-I’ve had two kids and my body shape has changed because of that-but it zipped! It was snugger then I would’ve liked, but it fit.

I was told so many times before having the boys that “kids will destroy your body” and “you’ll never be that skinny again” and I am firmly sticking my tongue out and saying, “PHHHHTTTTTTTTT” to all that negative, confidence destroying BS. Your body absolutely changes when you have children-and some of those changes don’t change back-but they don’t wreck your body. Soda does. Fast food does. A sedentary lifestyle does. An unbalanced diet does… And you can fix it. Don’t blame your kids, our bodies are designed for pregnancy and childbirth, which means they were designed to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Stretch marks may be forever, but pregnancy weight doesn’t have to be.

Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese

I’m done with one month of PiYo. I did the calander, start to finish. I did all the workouts. I’m supposed to tell you now how amazing and life changing it was, how fantastic I feel, how I’m never going back to eating 4 oz of goat cheese and an entire box of triscuits on the couch while heckling American Ninja Warrior in my pajama pants.


Truth is, I don’t feel great. Let me do a quick run down of how my month went.

1st Week: Ok, I can do this, not too hard. Feels good to workout a bit, definitely feel it in my arms. Her “modifier” lady could probably bench me I am so out of shape.


3rd Week: I’m still doing this! Look at me! Sticking with a program for longer than 2 weeks! Don’t really feel like I’m ever going to be as ripped as bald guy there, but hey, it could happen, I’ve still got a week left.

4th Week: I am so tired of these workouts. Say that smarmy thing one more time and I will KARATE CHOP YOUR FACE.

Tonight, final workout: Yeah, you’ve all got your six packs and half of you have had children or are over 40 or a Nobel Prize winner or WHATEVER, OK, I GET IT. I GET IT. It’s 9 o’clock my house has passed disaster and moved right into “need archaeological dig to find kitchen floor” I feel so flippin’ bloated (thanks PMS) and it’s RAINY and has BEEN RAINY so the boys are nuts and I’M GRUMPY and I don’t want to hear you tell me how great I feel because I DON’T FEEL GREAT. STUPID PIYO!


Yes. I would like some cheese with my whine.

That said, I lost 3.25 inches total spread out over waist, hips, and thighs. So it wasn’t a total bust.

Honestly, working out and eating well can’t be JUST about end goals, although those are really important to keep you motivated. You’ve got to examine your priorities and place your health near the top. You have to understand that everyone needs to exercise regularly. Not just the obese, not just athletes. Everyone.

That’s the only thing that keeps me going on days like today, where everything is a disaster and I feel like I will never make any progress. Even if I never lose one more pound or one more inch, my body needs exercise. My immune system, my skeletal system, my digestive system, my cardiac system, my nervous system…no matter if I DO get a nice 6 pack and killer thighs-I will STILL need regular exercise.

So I did it. I’m not feeling on top of the world, but I am glad I finished.

Tomorrow starts p90x3.